Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is what I have done since my last post, in a very small nutshell.

  • I finished my Center for Furniture Craftsmanship class and all my pieces.
  • Came home in early February and found an apprenticeship with Chris Lehrecke twice a week for a couple months. Helped with chairs for a large table.
  • Started working with Rbt Hastings once a week, which continues (except for a summer break). Helped build a toy chest, a tack box and a tool cabinet.
  • Went to a CFC reunion in NYC and met Zal Sakari, a former student who lives near me and has a workshop he was willing to share. YEAH! Moved tools in and started to make a small table that was suppose to be something like Chris' designs, but haven't succeeded. Zal and I end up baking bread and cooking meals and eating cheese. I lovelovelove Zal (and his darling wife, Caro, adorable child Taige, [yes, named after you-know-who] and even Huges, the dog)
  • Summer came and I traveled often to Quebec to help brother Harry on his cabin-building project. Built stair/ladder in atelier.
  • Took a week long Women's Carpentry class at Heartwood School in Mass. Helped build a chicken coop.
  • Helped daughter move from Chicago to NYC. Built a lofted bed so she could put her dresser beneath it and fit it in tiny bedroom.
  • Worked like mad to get all book design work finished so I can go away for a month with girlfriends, Hilary and Jane, to Royan, Fr. tomorrow.
For the month I am away, I hope to write often of our adventures. Stay tuned.

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