Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a moment

This is Pip enjoying the sunset. She is a "sensitive" person, read: a nasty cat. When she was a kitten she had a bad eye infection which was probably brought on by the stress of too many in the litter for her comfort, thanks. And then when she came home with us the old household cat terrorized her. We finally moved her to the office in the barn. She refuses to go into the house ever again, even though the other cat has been departed for years. She was not happy about the addition of the puppy (now dog) to the family and what's more the dog's neighborhood dog-pal, Maxx hangs around the office, too. Pip skulks around, fuming, batting with claw extended at anyone who accidentally comes within her reach. Many have tried to break through the shell - and she will allow herself to be petted. Then, as you pull your hand away, she flails quite precisely and often draws blood.
However, like any sensitive person, she truly enjoys a beautiful moment.


  1. I have a cat named Pip!

    Your blog is wonderful, and I'm quite excited about it.